Make My New Record With Me

Music for me is like therapy. I love music. I love creating it. I've been that way ever since I was little. I write in order to connect with people. I hope that my songs will be more than just noise and airwaves I guess. But I create with all of me and I love what I do.

Music is sacred. It's an outcry, a yearning. It's what connects us to the one who created us. Music is also human. It's pictures and moments. It's stories, reminding us that we are alive.

This will be my first truly independent record since my first album. Free of expectations, rules and middlemen. It's just you and me again. Now that feels absolutely terrifying but at the same time it feels super inspiring because of what could be possible.

If you believe in what I've done in the past and possibly what I could do in the future, then lets do this. Join me, just you and me lets create some music. Lets define ourselves to something that's real. I want you to go on this journey of creation and exploration with me. To watch it happen, even contribute.

Pledge Music is going to be the hub for my new album. We've crafted what we hope are some really cool ways for you to engage, support and be a part of the making of my new record.