I would have to say that I am getting really excited about the new record. I just spent 2 1/2 weeks down in Dallas TX recording in Shane & Shane’s Studio with their producer, Mr. Will Hunt. And, well, it was just about the greatest thing ever! Ha! We recorded 5 songs and I’m fixing to start 7 more this next week up in Nashville TN, with Mr. Chris Stevens. Chris, the great producer that made the first record turn out so great, Simply Nothing. I get asked all the time by people if there was anyway they could help or just to be involved and I would like to say there is. Here it is, I really believe that prayer is huge and that God answers when we come before him. So I am asking that you all would bring this record before him and ask that he would stir up some of His divine Creativity and annoint the songs with His wonderful spirit. I believe that Songs without Christ are just songs, And I really believe there are to many of those kinds of songs out there these days. So yeah please pray. I was approached recently by the folks who wrote The Message bible, to write a song for them. They decided to make a CD that would be taken directly from the psalms and they chose all these really cool artists to be a part of it, like Jars Of Clay, Matt Wertz & Dave Barnes, Over The Rhine, Philip Larue, and many more. So anyways it was a bit of a challenge for me, being that I always write from a place of experience. I am not use to having to write a song out of someone else’s writings, but I would have to say I am really excited about how the song turned out. It is called Salvation, and I took it from the beginning of psalm 71. Anyways I think I am out for now, but I will probably be back on this week to up date everyone on how the recording process is going. Till then. Shawn


So the word on the street is where is Shawn. Hmmm… I guess I would say I disappeared for a while. Well kind of, I met a beautiful young lady a little over a year ago and well took her hand in marriage on May 28th. And that has definitely kept me busy. She is a lovely little lady named Kate. You will have to say hi to her at one of the shows since she will be out on the road with me. On top of getting married I am writing for record # 2. So much pressure with this record. I am heading into the studio this month to start recording. Please pray for my heart that God will inspire yet another record. Without him my songs are bland. You know the story. The main reason I have not been on here for a while is, I just really needed to get away and remember why I am here to begin with. Why do I make music? Do I do it for my own desires or do I really love Jesus? Do I do anything for him that is pure? I mean is my heart for him or for myself? I really have had to ask myself these questions and I am so scared to say that I live most the time for me. I am a sinner, I truly am. Hopefully you can relate and won’t hold this against me. I am learning that honesty is the starting place of change. You have to confess where you are wrong before you can truly change what is wrong, and I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. My heart is saying, at least right at this moment, that Christ is whom I want. I want to love and seek him, a life that is full of Christ. A life that his spirit would be so present in my body that my life becomes pure because of him and his grace, and that alone. A true God, not a religious, make me happy, do what I want, kind of God. I think that this is where I find myself a lot of the time. I don’t want a powerful, passionate, all consuming God, I want this little rub my belly make a wish, and everything will be great kind of God. At least I think I do. I have found that this kind of God is small and has no power to change my life. I had to walk away for a while to find that the God I truly need is large and in charge. Sometimes God becomes stale to me. I believe it is because I start to view him wrong. He is full of passion and adventure, Life and Love. There really is nothing stale about him.